Hi! Thanks for being here..

Hi! My name is Jayde and I wear many hats. Two are real, they are both black and felt. My many figurative hats include Mom, Wife, Chaos Coordinator , Over-caffeinator, Homeschool teacher and Shopaholic. I am also an expert at breakfast sandwiches. Though you won't find any here. 

I currently live nomadically with my family of 4. We can be found throughout British Columbia Canada and even Mexico.  That's the beauty of this online business. We can do it anywhere! (More about our lifestyle can be found sprinkled throughout our Instagram). 

I'm the shipping, packing, marketing, website and supply guy over here at Ezra + Rose. Ezra and Rose are my kids middle names. My first born, my beautiful daughter, sparked a LOVE for children's fashion and playing dress up with my tiny humans. Coincidently, she also sparked the beer budget for this mama's champagne (actually I prefer Prosecco) taste. 

Thrifting is in my blood. I've been doing it since birth. Shout out to my mom and her numerous boxes of tictacs for our weekly thrifting trips. THRIFTING Where I'm often found..if you see me I'm scooping up vintage Pyrex and like new Dr Martens in strange colours. Back to my Mom.. The woman had a plan and knew how to keep a small child agreeable during a day of thrifting. 30 years later she still supplies a good thrifting trip where she lends her seniors discount, and 30 years later she still understands the importance of supplying me with snacks.  

I encourage you and your children to wear what you want and be who you are. There's no such thing as normal and if there was it would be awfully boring. Ezra+Rose is a place where you can come and find beautiful, gently used, upscale and unique clothing, curated heirloom toys and one of a kind vintage pieces. As we grow, I hope to supply a selection of products and pieces near to my heart

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